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My cases I like to document pre and post-op intra operative photos of all the cases I’m using it for orthodontic purposes for treatment planning purposes for big cases and we haven’t gotten to the point of using it in hygiene because of course I did exactly what you told me not to do and.

I bought about twenty four thousand dollars of intraoral cameras which made somebody happy I made somebody very happy and caries detection which which the associate doctors really do like and I and I see a huge benefit to that because it’s one more piece of data to allow the chart the patient to start to trust you because it’s it’s no longer you have a cavity it’s hey look at this picture let me tell you about what I see going on what this picture means and so for that.

Invisalign Doctor Site

I see some value in it but I want to get to where where where exactly you are taking where where do you think I am taking pictures with with the camera so I got pictures with together the team okay and again there it’s something I’ve no excuses for okay but it needs to happen what are you doing great in your practice practices so .

I think the thing that we do the best compared to a lot of other people around us especially is that we really make an effort to do everything we can to get the patient taken care of immediately there the in my mind there is no reason to delay somebody’s treatment if they have the ability and we have the ability to take care of them now save them a visit same-day dentistry get them scheduled back immediately help them out because we.

We all know we’ve all been in the situation where we say yeah you’ve got a little crack there you need to come back to your crown okay well I’ll get you scheduled in three weeks and what happens in the meantime they forget something comes up it gets pushed off next thing you know it’s a year later they bit down on something wrong.

They crack the tooth and they lose it yeah and and to me there’s no reason for that to happen so I’m all about really taking care of the patient immediately but at the same time where we really excel is the education aspect.

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