Secrets To Getting Economics To Complete Tasks Quickly And Efficiently

For every major economic metric in the poll including housing and wages and the stock market are also at records and that optimism is part of the reason why stocks just keep climbing today as we mentioned the three major indexes closed at yet another record and each has now said at least all-time highs this year alone the Dow itself has set that was today up another points.

To the NASDAQ the SP both added about three points today meantime bill on Capitol Hill it was the Senate’s turn to question the former CEO of Equinox about that data breach which impacted million Americans yesterday Richard smith faced questions from a house panel on the company’s response.

To that breach today senators grilled him on another issue a report that Equinox was awarded a seven million dollar no-bid contract from the IRS it’s being reported in the media this morning. That you’ve just received a no-bid contract from the IRS for fraud prevention can you explain to the American people not just as consumers who’ve been exposed and breached here but as taxpayers why in the world should you get a no-bid contract.

It now I’m not sure it was a no-bid my understanding I don’t profess to have the details there senator it’s with communication services the IRS it’s a contract we’ve had in the past I think is being renewed you realize too many Americans right now that looks like we’re giving Lindsay.

Logan the keys to the minibar I understand your point under the IRS contract Equinox will verify taxpayer identities and help prevent fraud for the tax agency last night we reported that the FCC was considering making millions of dollars available to repair communication networks in Puerto Rico and today million dollars was in fact approved the fund provides subsidies to companies.

That will make communication services more accessible and affordable in places where costs on that island are just so high right now and Puerto Rico was bankrupt even before Hurricane Maria hit after touring the devastation yesterday the president said the country’s mountain.

of debt would have to be wiped out that statement sent shock waves through the nation’s three point eight trillion dollar municipal bond market Michele Caruso Cabrera has more communication services President Trump visiting Puerto Rico yesterday surveying the damage from Hurricane Maria and during his visit he said this about the islands large debt load we have to look at their whole debt.